Cerakote Price List

The complete handgun and rifle prices listed below include disassembly and reassembly with fitting and function tests. If you prefer to bring us your firearms already completely disassembled, we will deduct the armorers fee of 40.00 for handguns and 60.00 for rifles. We ask when bringing them to us disassembled that you have removed all sights, pins, plates, doors, springs and detents. Be aware that some handguns, 1911s for example, will  almost always require slide/parts fitting after the Cerakote process.

We will also install new sights for you at the time of reassembly at no extra cost. You can even have them shipped to us and we will put them with your firearm until we reassemble it.

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Complete Gun Includes Slide, Frame, Barrel, Mag Plates, Pins and Controls

  • Accent colors (Barrel, mag plates, pins and controls) – 130.00
  • Complete Handgun in One Color – 190.00
  • Complete Handgun in Two Colors – 220.00
  • Complete Handgun in Two Colors With Simple Stencil on Both Sides of Frame OR Slide – 250.00
  • Complete Handgun in Camouflage Pattern (3-5 application layers, multiple bake cycles) – 280.00
  • Slide Only in One Color  – 75.00  (Includes disassembly and reassembly of slide, sights and fitting if needed)     Note*   We do not remove staked sights. They will be masked or coated.
  • Frame Only in one Color  – 75.00 (Includes disassembly and reassembly of frame and fitting if needed)
  • Coat Barrel Only  – 40.00 (Includes barrel bushing on 1911)

 Rifles and Shotguns

Autoloading – AR-15, M4, AK Variant
Complete Gun Includes: 
Upper and Lower Receivers, Barrel, Hand-guard, Stock, Pistol Grip, Pins and Controls.

  • Complete Rifle/Shotgun One Color – 230.00
  • Complete Rifle/Shotgun Two Colors – 260.00
  • Three Color Camouflage Pattern – 380.00
  • Four Color Camouflage Patterns – 440.00
  • Five Color Camouflage Patterns – 480.00
  • 20 and 30 Round AR Magazines One Color – 20.00
  • Semi-Auto Bolt and Bolt Carrier with Cerakote Micro-Slick – 40.00 (Includes bolt and carrier disassembly/reassembly)
  • AR Lower Receiver ONLY – One color (Brought to us disassembled) – 60.00
  • AR Upper Receiver ONLY – One color (Brought to us disassembled) -60.00
  • AR Lower AND Upper Receiver Only – One Color (Brought to us disassembled) – 110.00
  • AR Upper and Lower Receivers Only – 3 color camo + Stencil  (Brought to us disassembled) – 225.00
  • AR Upper AND Lower Receiver – 2 Color Free Hand Camo (Brought to us disassembled) –  180.00
  • Barrel 16″ and under – One Color – 60.00
  • Barrel 18″ and over – One Color – 80.00
  • Fluted Barrel 16″ and under – Two Color – 120.00
  • Fluted Barrel 18″ and over – Two Color – 160.00
  • Stock: Standard A2 or M4 (One Color) – 40.00
  • Stock: Target Adjustable (MagPul, etc) One Color – 70.00   Two Color – 90.00
  • Bipod (One Color) – 40.00
  • Buffer Tube – 20.00
  • Forearm – Non-Rail such as Magpul MOE (One Color) – 40.00
  • Forearm – Quad Rail,  (One Color 12″ or smaller) – 60.00           (Longer than 12″) -70.00
  • Extra Color Charges for Accessories (Each Color) – 15.00

Bolt Action Rifles

  • Rem 700 type barreled action – 120.00
  • Rem 700 type synthetic stock – 80.00
  • Rem 700 and Similar Rifles One Color – 220.00
  • One Color With Adjustable Tactical Stock – 240.00
  • Rem 700 and Similar, Two Colors – 260.00
  • Rem 700 and Similar, Three Colors Freehand Camo – 290.00
  • Two Colors With Adjustable Tactical Stock – 320.00
  • Bolt Action and Tactical Three to Five Color Patterns – 465.00


General Information

  • The best way to contact us is via email. We can respond during the times we are not applying Cerakote or  prepping parts. This also allows us to have a “paper trail” of conversations that may otherwise be lost via multiple phone conversations. However, if you call and we can’t answer please leave a message. We will return your call! Our number is 386-256-9181. Email us at info@coastalfirearmsfl.com
  • Cerakote pricing does NOT include return shipping and insurance.
  • Please bring or send your firearm or items to us either COMPLETELY Assembled or COMPLETELY Disassembled. If you send us items disassembled, you must include a parts inventory list that we will check off when we receive your items. We are not responsible for lost or missing parts that are sent in without a list.
  • We will function test complete firearms when they are received. If we note any problems, we will not start work on your item and will contact you. Do not send in non working firearms without letting us know, they will likely be returned.
  • Items leave the way they are sent in. We do not reassemble items that were sent in unassembled.
  • Firearms are returned to person and address they were received from, NO EXCEPTIONS!  Also, we require a adult signature for return delivery of serialized items per ATF regulations. No delivery to PO boxes per ATF.