New Students

New Students

The D.R.G.U.N.S Principle below will be the take-away message from class!

Most importantly, keep your finger off the trigger unless you are aiming through the gun’s sights at your target.

Take note of the grip as this will be discussed as being crucial to fast-paced, self-defense shooting.

The D.R.G.U.N.S. Principle

1) Direction

2) Ready to shoot (finger off trigger unless aiming at target)

3) Gun empty?

4) U-shape grip (see picture)

5) Never change: grip, stance, body weight forward, double-tap

6) Soc Med

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u-shape-grip  gun-breakdown

Above: proper grip for a semi-automatic pistol

Below: proper grip for a revolver. 

     Note: only criss-cross the thumbs for revolvers



sight-picture  magclip

U.S. Concealed Carry Association

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FREE information on how to apply for concealed carry permit in any state

State-to-state carry permit reciprocity (good for traveling)

                                               Also, google Massad Ayoobfor defense tips, drills, & great advice. 

                                                           He is a nationally known firearms instructor

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