Training Course/Schedule

CWP Classes by DrGuns Criteria and are not NRA affiliated

We will be teaching PPITH (Personal Protection Inside The Home) starting late March 2017


What we teach compared to other CWP Classes

1) 2 hour lecture followed by a trip to the range.

2) Will provide state paperwork for CWP and walk you through cwp application process

3) Will talk about how to choose your first/carry firearm, brand names of firearms, what kind of ammo to buy, etc.

4) Will explain when you are justified to use deadly force vs NOT justified to use deadly force

5) Will provide all the guns, ammo, targets, eyes, and ears.


Price is $65 – $25 non refundable Deposit Required

We are limited to 8 persons at this time

Discounts on Firearms and Accessories after completing our course

1 on 1 Training Available – $125 for pistol

Prices include class materials, Use of Firearms, ammo and eye and ear protection

Classroom time is 2 1/2 hours plus range time! Plan on 60 minutes!! Range time can be same day at Our Gun Club (20 minute drive to Bunnell) or Sunday at any range of your choice. You will be required to pay range fees.

Private Training Session are available by appointment! Please call or send us a message!

DrGuns Defense Training